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the Quicksilver Meat Dream

Date Source Title
2003/04/08 ChartAttack CD Reviews (2007:
2003/04/10 NOW I Mother Earth - The Quicksilver Meat Dream (2006:
2003/04/11 Winnipeg Sun Where's the Meat? (2004:
2003/04/13 MuchMusic Track by Track of tQMD (2004:
2003/04/17 Voir The Quicksilver Meat Dream (2003:
2003/04/26 Sound Base Online I Mother Earth: The Quicksilver Meat Dream (German) (2005:
KickAssRiff I.M.E., "The Quicksilver Meat Dream (2003:

Blue Green Orange

Date Source Title
1999/07/11 Toronto Sun Rockers down to Earth (2004:
1999/07/15 eye weekly Asleep in the mudhole (2005:
1999/07/18 Ottawa Sun I Mother Earth hits back (2004: web
1999/07/24 Edmonton Sun I Mother Eearth deliver solid effort (2004:
1999/07/29 Voir Blue Green Orange (French) (2003:
2000/2001 earpollution album reviews (2003:
Oh Canada Tab Archive CD Reviews (2005:
Out Of Style! CD Reviews (2003:
Retrospec I Mother Earth - Blue Green Orange (German)
2000 you+me I Mother Earth - Blue Green Orange (German) (2004:

Earth, Sky & Everything in Between

Date Source Title
2001/03/27 ChartAttack CD Reviews (2007:
2001/04/06 Winnipeg Sun IME album for fans only (2004:

Scenery and Fish

Date Source Title
1996/05/03 Imprint I Mother Earth: Scenery and Fish (2005:
adomonde Critique de l'album "Scenary and Fish" de I Mother Earth (2006:
CD-Kritik I Mother Earth - Scenery and Fish Scenery and Fish (2005:
Every New Day I Mother Earth - Scenery And Fish (2002:
Eye Weekly Capsule Reviews (2006:
Online Musik Magazin Gelungene Unterhaltung auf allen Sinnesebenen (German)
1996 Mats Rydström I Mother Earth - Scenery and Fish (2003:
VOX I Mother Earth - Scenery and Fish (2005:
Wiggum Jr. I Mother Earth ~ "SCENERY AND FISH" (2005:


Date Source Title
2001/04/28 Dig (2004:

Combined album reviews

Date Source Title
The Record Reviewer I Mother Earth
SSMT Reviews I Mother Earth (2008:
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