Date Source Title
2012/03/22 toronto.com I Mother Earth back, but for how long? (2013: web.archive.org)
2012/03/21 aux Listen to the first new I Mother Earth song in ten years, "We Got The Love" (2012: web.archive.org)
2012/03/21 Exclaim! Magazine I Mother Earth - "We Got the Love" (2012: web.archive.org)
2012/03/18 APLANETOFSOUND Jag Tanna speaks redux (2012: archive.is)
2012/02/14 Explore Music I Mother Earth continues (404)
2012/02/15 aux I Mother Earth, Treble Charger, the Inbreds and more announced for AUX (2012: web.archive.org)
2012/01/25 Exclaim! Magazine I Mother Earth Book Toronto Reunion Show, Promise New Music (2012: web.archive.org)
2012/01/25 aux I Mother Earth announce reunion show (2013: web.archive.org)
2012/01/25 AV Club Toronto I Mother Earth reuniting for Canadian Music Week, as if to remind you of your own mortality (2012: web.archive.org)
2012/01/25 Revolution Music Canada I Mother Earth announce reunion date (2012: web.archive.org)
2012/01/15 A Journal of Musical Things Finally. I Mother Earth Will Reunite. I Think.
2012/01/10 aux I Mother Earth set to reunite? (2013: web.archive.org)
2012/01/10 Exclaim! Magazine I Mother Earth Gear Up for Apparent Reunion
2009 The Peterborough Examiner Jag Tanna returns to his Peterborough (404)
Library and Archives Canada Canadian Music Periodical index
2003/04/18 Whistler Question I Mother Earth preview (404)
2003/04/10 Montreal Gazette Coming back down to I Mother Earth (404)
2003/04/08 Edmonton Sun Self-Indulgent? You Bet So What's Wrong With That? (404)
2003/04/08 ChartAttack I Mother Earth Plan Extreme Tour Of Ontario (2004: web.archive.org)
2003/04/03 The McGill Daily One Ear to theGround (2006: web.archive.org)
2003/04/01 JAM! Music IME cautious with new album (2004: web.archive.org)
2003/03/28 The Underground (Vol 12, Iss 12) I Mother Earth Get Down and Dirty (2003: web.archive.org)
2003/03/28 ChartAttack Winnipeg Buzz: I Mother Earth Face The Promo Challenge (2004: web.archive.org)
2003/03/27 Whistler Question I Mother Earth gets honest (404)
2003/03/25 ChartAttack I Mother Earth Get It Right (2005: web.archive.org)
2003/03/19 ChartAttack Swollen Members, I Mother Earth Prepare To Rock Whistler (2005: web.archive.org)
2003/03/17 ChartAttack IME Show Off Their Meat On The Slopes (2005: web.archive.org)
2003/03/03 ChartAttack Treble Charger, I Mother Earth To Play UBC Last Day (2005: web.archive.org)
2003/02/18 ChartAttack I Mother Earth Bask In The Sun (2006: web.archive.org)
2002/10/22 ChartAttack Clarknova Record Album With IME's Jag Tanna (2004: web.archive.org)
2002/10/17 The Charlatan Word to your I Mother Earth (404)
2002/10/03 The Silhouette IME in Hamilton (2006: web.archive.org)
2002/09/29 Rockit Bay I Mother Earth Pre-interview (2006: web.archive.org)
2002/09/04 ChartAttack I Mother Earth Headline MTV Campus Invasion Tour (2007: web.archive.org)
2002/07/22 ChartAttack I Mother Earth Get Juicy, Jam With Fans (2006: web.archive.org)
2002/06/22 JAM! Music I Mother Earth wrap 'heavy' album (2004: web.archive.org)
2002/01/24 ChartAttack I Mother Earth Speak (And Shave) From The Studio (2004: web.archive.org)
2002/01/15 ChartAttack I Mother Earth Sow New Soil (2004: web.archive.org)
2002/01/02 ChartAttack IME Speak Out (2005: web.archive.org)
2001/08/20 ChartAttack I Mother Earth Attempt To Save Disco With Album (2004: web.archive.org)
2001/03/16 ChartAttack I Mother Earth Diss B-Sides Compilation (2004: web.archive.org)
2001/01/05 ChartAttack IME Alive And Well In Studio (2005: web.archive.org)
2000/09/14 ChartAttack IME Brian's Hemorrhaged Vocal Chord Cancels Weekend (2004: web.archive.org)
2000/09/06 ChartAttack I Mother Earth Cancel Weekend (2004: web.archive.org)
2000/08/08 ChartAttack I Mother Earth Weekend Planned (2004: web.archive.org)
2000/08/07 Gitarre & Bass Die Grossen Unbekannten
(German - "The Great Unknown") (2006: web.archive.org)
2000/07/26 ChartAttack Return To The Rock With Brian Byrne From I Mother Earth (2008: web.archive.org)
2000/06/30 ChartAttack Top 50 Canadian Albums Of All-Time (2006: web.archive.org)
2000/06/27 ChartAttack I Mother Earth Begin Working On New Album (2004: web.archive.org)
2000/05/24 ChartAttack I Mother Earth Perform In Berlin (2004: web.archive.org)
2000/04/24 ChartAttack I Mother Earth Jam Tonight On Net (2005: web.archive.org)
2000/04/18 ChartAttack I Mother Earth "Webjam" Details (2006: web.archive.org)
2000/04/07 ChartAttack I Mother Earth Plan Webcast (2005: web.archive.org)
2000/03/14 ChartAttack IME Need Your Help (2004: web.archive.org)
2000/02/21 ChartAttack Photo of the Week: IME's Bruce Gordon Rumbles in The St. Kitt's Jungle (2008: web.archive.org)
2000/02/03 ChartAttack On the Road Again: Live Photos: I Mother Earth (2008: web.archive.org)
2000/01/07 ChartAttack I Mother Earth set to film new video and get back on the road (2004: web.archive.org)
1999/12/09 ChartAttack I Mother Earth Takes Edwin's Place As Openers For Live In Toronto (2005: web.archive.org)
1999/11/01 SEE Magazine Preview - I Mother Earth (2003: web.archive.org)
1999/09/30 the Carillon
(Vol 42, No 5)
Consuming the blue green orange (2004: web.archive.org)
1999/09/20 ChartAttack Chat Live With I Mother Earth Online! (2004: web.archive.org)
1999/09 ChartAttack I Mother Earth: Tanna'ed and Byrne'd (2008: web.archive.org)
1999/09 Chart Magazine The Return of I Mother Earth (2007: web.archive.org)
1999/08/24 ChartAttack I Mother Earth Canadian Tour Taking Shape (2005: web.archive.org)
1999/07/08 ChartAttack IME Re-Launch Website, Get Set To Play In The Street (2008: web.archive.org)
1999/06/04 ChartAttack I Mother Earth: Blue Green Orange Tracklisting! (2005: web.archive.org)
1999/03/11 ChartAttack I Mother Earth Wrapping Up New Album This Week (2005: web.archive.org)
1999/01/06 ChartAttack I Mother Earth Prepare Third Album (2005: web.archive.org)
1999/04/28 ChartAttack I Mother Earth Album Title, Release Date Chosen (2005: web.archive.org)
1999 ChartAttack IME's Jag Tanna and newbie Brian Byrne: Fashion Tips, Fitting In, and "Best of Luck" to Edwin (2008: web.archive.org)
1998/08/30 ChartAttack Photo of the Week - IME @ Summersault98, Barrie (2008: web.archive.org)
1998/08/12 ChartAttack I Mother Earth Sign To Mercury Records (2008: web.archive.org)
1997/11/28 ChartAttack New I Mother Earth Singer Leaked (2008: web.archive.org)
1997/11/17 ChartAttack I Mother Earth Getting Set to unveil Edwin's Replacement (2005: web.archive.org)
1997/04/22 ChartAttack Lead Singer of I Mother Earth Calls It Quits (2008: web.archive.org)
1997/01/30 Eye Weekly Consumer tips for Rockin' Canucks (2006: web.archive.org)
1996/12/26 Drop-D Magazine Trippin' Down the Long Road - Interview with I Mother Earth Guitarist Jagori Tanna
1996/07/26 Imprint Leaving us to assume aliens (2004: web.archive.org)
Drop-D Magazine IME article archive (2012: web.archive.org)
CKVI: The Cave Interview w/Brian Byrne (2003: web.archive.org)
1996 to 2003 JAM! Music JAM! Music article archive (2004: web.archive.org)
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