Blue Green Orange

Track Listing

  1. Love Your Starfish
  2. All Awake
  3. Gargantua
  4. When Did You Get Back From Mars?
  5. Summertime In The Void
  6. Good For Sule
  7. Cloud Pump
  8. Blacksox
  9. Autumn On Drugs
  10. Infinity Machine
  11. My Beautiful Deep End


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Love Your Starfish

To hesitate, to reel and stutter
In a free fall
To eat your grapes and slow the runner
You just need calm

Don't let me Down I'm already Down

Like a rubber band pulled Between two hands in a slow Defiance of when it might break Then someone laughs, all left feet And charging rhinos... unfunny But I know No one here needs Your kind of redemption

You came in waves and tired Of all this celebration You milked the tree, fed the starfish and said All is calm

You must get Down I'm already Down

With the whole event Held within your head like Old valentines, just when do you Start to fake a love For jazz and blue green oranges... It's so Hieronymus I know No one here needs Your kind of redemption

How shallow ponds with the growth Of decades carry on I'll never know

On the whole, I can dig The world's offerings And with the yes parade on hold It did not lessen me when it Was said to me with the elegance Of daybreak that wherever you go You take your pride, Wherever you go, there you are That was the birthplace of almost Everything bold, poetic and stoned...


All Awake

Look for me to climb fallen trees in yellow summer
Look for me in wide falling fields of bohemia 
All awake
With a heavy hand holding me down I stay 
All awake
In the only fear of failing hall of fame 
We're all awake

Under the weight Eleven ways Why you never fall to pieces You can't carry We're all awake And looking for ways To save your self-love

Looking to define masturbation using colour Looking for a ride to a place where Everyone was friends All awake With an energy, a hustle and a fade All awake In the hell of free electric salad days they fall away We were all awake

...When the money's in your hand, When smaller men feel broken, When Chet is singing "Let's Get Lost" It's time to shut your mouth...



Though the sign says
"Monterey: Forty light years from
Right here," we'll go anyway
Got a head start on the clouds
As the view, dream-like, rolls away.
While every song you hate
Is playing in your head softly
A loving sound

Now the quiet never stays Porcelain Elvis heads and gamma rays Keeping me awake with this Fine knit elastic crowd, stretching out Living new age golden days But when I think out loud My stupid little voice gets lost

Fascination, overkill and sensation Whole and violent When you're high you might touch down In gardens of Gargantua When all the world is spinning Say hello to him from all of us When all is all undone and sung Without a sound

Over the always Nobody elevates hoping for enlightening voices Out of nowhere Fastened tight crashing light into walls If you look around at all you might Feel small where the soul lives Where the whole thing is going down

Every now and then I fall out Into open air just to feel the wind, Rain and everything And though the hum and sway gets me down I'll find the way to peace and openness But when I think out loud My stupid little voice gets lost In fact I'm waiting For everyone to shut up


When Did You Get Back From Mars?

We never thought that you were
Gone until we turned the lights on and spoke
To your god
But he ain't saying nothing, except for
Some thing about your life going to waste 
In more ways than one
I never liked him anyway

You push it most days When you're young and then one day You grow up and everyone's wrong They can't teach you nothing They give you nothing So you get thinking maybe There's a phase where everyone Floats south in never ending lemonade

Inside of myself, daylight is almost Waking up slow and wondering How sometimes it isn't always Good here

What made you go And when did you get back From Mars?

You circled 'round odd fallen stars And reached out For the lightening until your were stung Until there was a nice ring, the only right thing So you get thinking Maybe in a way I'll never know for sure The full sad of everyone

And hey, is there anyone known Who gets along just great With everyone On all the days


Summertime In the Void

I felt the break and the roll of the nexus
On a day when the whole world elected
To sell us out
These are the hands that grab my attention 
When all is what I'm giving
They slow me down
Slower than southern muddy rivers

When you think there's salvation When you don't want to leave Your room with eyes open, undreaming When it's summertime in the void

When it's summertime in the void The sun is upside down And facing the other way until days end With a schizophrenic everjoy And with a sense of doubt You wait automatic and afraid

On ran the train through my solar plexus On the day I made good connection With love out loud, home, hate and sound And who wrote the words to my death sentence When life is what I'm living And leaving now While I trip 'till time is over

When it's summertime in the void And the stars yell out your name All together and insane 'Cause they're broken words they are a noise There's no answer for You wait automatic and afraid


Good For Sule

The father's torment
The one son
It falls on across warm, deep
Oceans of moments and the man
He must become

A whole world away Eighteen brothers holding out while The tree of importance waits But close and safe Wife and daughters hear no drums Or the voices of those he'll change

And if it feels good They must understand that the way Had opened to just a man With a faith in all good People walking gently, knowing Just how wonderful it is

Of the family portrait And a path unchosen Both the roaring lions of emotion He knew one day would Have to come

While a whole world away His old home is reaching out with The hands of enraptured hope But more than that They hold up The one they want to the sun He's the only one

..... Good for you Sule


Cloud Pump

I could settle down then take it
Slow, just do the right thing and gain
Twenty pounds before next spring when
Senses are dull and I hear
The rain will fall
For sure that would be something soulful 

Get it straight, get it right today Hesitate or just carry on Slow with wonder

A little low on godspeed I didn't know your wet dream made A sound like an old corvette Exploding, turning you on while burning A brown hole in everyone's lightness

Get back underground When the water gets cold The pushing around never saved Your soul Get back underground When the fight gets old So get it on and under

With a little help and hope As your rope, jump for the high seat And fall super gone Into the whiteness with your strength All gone and your crucifix on wrong They'll tear you down to nothing Yell it!

Tell it straight, tell me not to fade Or to break though it's heavy I might just wonder Why did a nova burst here And what does an elephant feel In the sun with a red umbrella Something is bringing him down Asleep in the mudhole of everyone's Conscience

It's coming around quiet and slow It's coming around All sweet and heavy like a world Unfolding fast Like a walk in the people's forest Singing we're all on automatic

In a good way You turned it on You turned it upside down



I'm afraid of a sure thing
Of a change in the here and now
And the force when it hits me
The full weight of it when
I'm down

The fucking air in this City when the phase-shifting sign Is off If this ship is unsteady, how will That lifeboat hold us all

I ain't gonna crawl

Tell them all to forget it Tell them that's it Then call it off 'cause I'm worried about Money and paradigm stores Running low

I ain't gonna crawl But I'll lie on the road

So how can I laugh How can I take it without Some doubt How can I laugh How can I face it right away With everything gone wrong With everything all over anyway I need some grace

Say goodbye to aesthetic, better taste And essential self 'cause I'm just Tired of running and there's a time bomb In this head

So just who's the real killer And what made his paint dry? It's kind of hard to imagine Holidays in Neurotica

A slap in the faith, hard, opened hand is The one reality I can never protect Myself from, even in This sparkle yard at end of day warm Summer madness in the bouquet Of a dream-song, astral projecting, failing to right Wrongs when the whole thing starts To open up

I ain't gonna crawl Without falling hard, without some pain

Whenever the fog breaks and a day Takes hold I just can't think straight Right away Maybe I'll come around... or not I'm swinging again and all my ex-friends Say it's psycho-pathetic and way Too gone, almost painless even though I wondered if something was wrong All along


Autumn On Drugs

A worn out old suitcase
So what if it's broken, hopeless
A little odd in a splash
Of autumn on drugs
Holding all weight for me
The weight of me

And I need it like a friend needs me For a friend

I can feel the time is right To find the legs to deal With this alone So I'll turn around to all And wave the California wave

Sometime let's forget all about Forced hands, big heads and little things No one showed a trust 'cause No one had faith in me And I see it like The sun sees me through The day

A lo-fi vanilla secret spoken By a friend who'll miss me If I'm leaving... who'll want to find me


Infinity Machine

A sudden stop
And then I woke up with vertigo
In the wrong place
Everybody back home laughing
There goes one more throw away... always alone 

I imagine when they turned it on They said farewell

When I said I'd volunteer, I thought it might be A good thing to enlighten In a time-bend away from warm bed, Homeless, hoping and up

I imagine when they turned it on They forgot to warn me there's no Comedown

When you're on your own Looking for changes While the fate swing loses control While your head spins you can't See it coming While you fall into your calling One man alone Infinity machine

Hold my head, hold my hand, Hold my breath and now...

Always running from the sun Always a need for recovery Never happy in a stand still Never listened to bullshit... broken or whole


My Beautiful Deep End

You held out and hurt yourself
Yet again
Did I not make it clear
To look around my selfish queer
With unlit eyes and average dope
You're in the dream room all alone

I have seen you before, holding out Here in the deep end My beautiful deep end With all and odd

You yell out and touch the sound So overwhelmed by simple things you tend to fear The time is now for ease and thought To come around and let you know You're in the dream room letting go

Wake up and drown Don't swim, breathe or float away I'm sorry but I might have made it sweet In the gold drunken sunset Where we'd lose our heads another time Or close our eyes just right and try To imagine we're miles away at peace Out in the open

To precious hands Holding tongues hard Maybe one good word Would tell us something Whole and small

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