Scenery and Fish

Track Listing

  1. Hello Dave!
  2. Like A Girl
  3. One More Astronaut
  4. Another Sunday
  5. Three Days Old
  6. Used To Be Alright
  7. Shortcut To Moncton
  8. Pisser
  9. Raspberry
  10. Songburst & Delirium
  11. Sense of Henry
  12. Earth, Sky, & C.


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Hello Dave!


Like A Girl

Can't think a straight line beyond the hill
It seems like a mountain next to an ocean behind
A thrill almost in my reach
If there's a way I could
Feel the face of intelligence
I'm a man, I would understand
What a good head says...you're no me
Can't see the forest for all
The green, it all gets in my way
Can't dig a desert without
The need for old religion, for holy grails
And a Jesus nail through the head
For all the pain and misguided faith
My mind erased before I had time
To waste my afternoon

Every thirty days a light goes on And brightens my backyard a yellow Dying sun I bite my tongue and swallow pride and blood On some other plane I have Become affected drawn and strange I'm inclined to blame My Mother for dressing me like a girl I don't know maybe that's kind of weird

A teenage breakdown without the will Or without thinking Taking low roads and coloured pills Always searching Maybe then I would find A place in this mess It swells a vein that the only things That are keeping me awake Are re-runs of the Mod Squad and cartoons


One More Astronaut

One more astronaut in black skin
Of universe
One more travellin' man
With heavy tired eyes, feeling cold
Thinking around the clock of drinking
On the job, of the powdered food
And piss bags, never having sex and growing old

Headspace...alive and painless, Weightless and almost sane I close my eyes, I become the sky Headspace...alone and shameless Can't wait to find the faces I left behind in a troubled time Back home

It gets so lonely you know Weeks and months alone chasing Sleep and space junk and the dying Stars I've known and loved Through true decline Of the five billion minds or so Through mudslides And earthquakes, the blue one holds And rolls along

One more astronaut in Endless old universe with One more second chance at Wondering why he's here at all Bold are the ones who Come over the line to fall over The horizon...never ones to fade away Then it hit me, this Cosmic pull and energy It kinda makes me wonder If I'll ever make it Back home


Another Sunday

Always hard to get to sleep when
Weird noises are implying threats
On cold sheets I sweat
On any other day
It's all rest and flowers
And a long night of nothing
In the morning some coffee
'Cause when the sun goes
Down you close your eyes and think 
That you might wake in the same place
I'm out of my head
That was what they said
There was no way I would
Ever trust again
There's something that fills you up
And it feels you up and then
It takes control of your better sense
There ain't no control of things
You take for granted
But they came and they
Held me up and they felt me up
And left...I miss them

Take me to your world I want to know if I belong There instead of here Is there religion? It is unordinary To want this affection But I don't have a real friend And I hate my whole family But from my bed, my window's Lit by a red light I have seen before, while floating away


Three Days Old

The poetry of this hangover
I don't want to think, not
Too hard anyway
The scenery and fish, they're bad
Take another breath, another look and swallow
Holding the hand of hard times
And fallout
It could be worse...my star could fall

Pacified by little things Tones of beige and green seem To halt a scream in waiting All red eyes, all heads thinking No one says anything I can Hear down here on the floor Where I belong

Too young to find the horses Too young fighting causes I get overwhelmed And I feel three days old

Another day goes and fails The people lose control just 'cause Things are going slow Your corduroy coat has left you Just when you're feeling the wind And cold Then comes a rain of old thoughts That always have to wreck my high And bring me down

You and I are not the same You like everything Arms wave in a spin, blown by Things I've hated, I've faded to the point Where I'm not all there Curled up on the floor Where I belong


Used To be Alright

It's pretty good, the wine
The way that we look at
Ten to eight in the morning
Just talking, still awake in
Dawn and dew drinking, thinking 

Remembering the laughs, the time We got high for seven days down In New Orleans and it seemed like No one else knew we were just The moon and sun in fog before the Heat burned it away and took The sleep from tired heads on Beds of reaching hands, of road trip Breath and long tall freedom

And then you long For the days of trippin' down The long road just reading the Signs that show you the way to A higher place you meditate to Feel the quiet of the earth That was back When we used to be alright

Another shame, the way The city smells worse on A hot day in August...2 PM Right before us good movers Move and us shakers break Our hearts getting home to Country love and the garbage Dump by the dried up creek Near the forest that once had life And then I turn on the news Somebody shoot me soon I'm tired of over heating, falling Quick to bending knees and Broken veins, of always needing Faith to get to shore and break All the vows I've made

No time or presence Of mind to wonder why No time for questions of Why I wonder why Something's wrong...again The noise shakes the ground There's a rage in The crowd and I'm a face In the crowd, what's your name? You're sinkin' in the sand Standing next to me, a river Running through your pants, afraid To trust me when my hands Are helping you


Shortcut To Moncton

Between the doors, shakin' heads and thinking
Light about who you're with, where you are
Blue lightning hittin' trees and lighting
Roads won't let me get too down 'cause
Sometimes you can be let down

You move on ahead in quicksand And you hope you're still goin' east boy It's dreamy all day drives and short parades And I won't let it mess with my head Just grin and live it While you can...with wonderment

With eyes wide open I'm taking in all I can The small town darkness Is singing by In trance...I'm feeling glad

You and your friends drink, laugh And pass out, keeping good things close Fought till the end, it's hard to keep it all fun I won't let it mess with my head Won't let it mess with Sleeping friends or their wonderment

Though the day's been really long I still feel I'm close to nowhere And I wouldn't let no one take my place A warm bed, in my head I can see The tidal wave of disappointment See the lights shining over there Through the night I am on the way



Lost all my friends pulling down my
Pants just to say hi and I'm still
Alive without a tan, trippin', naked man,
Through the forest who like me
Has fallen right into a kind of grace
Drinking from a river of fine wine just
To ease my mind, then fell on through
The hole I've made looking for a center
In my life and just why I am

I woke in the grass fascinated with Moving water and the smell of my breath Rampaging ants carry me to death or a last Chance and a swing for the fence, instead I Hit the bottom hard and wide looking for Escape from the daylight and the passing time Digging just to find a way someone like me Gets in the right line for the right ride

At just the right time, hoping it doesn't take Too long to find a way...

And I hope there's a sign I hope that it leads me well On the way I hope there's a sign And I hope I can read it right I'm running on, over and lower It's slow going half the time I hope there's a sign And I hope I can read it right

It seems I've had a lifelong headcold full Of negatives, mindwarps and eclipsing suns Like hot air through my underwear while Sitting in my chocolate chair at home... It thrills me, turn the lights out and leave Me alone



Held in hands, a warm cup
Of skin always taken in by peers
And friends and the heightened fears
Over the years
Now I know I'm not like everyone

In this head I see the ground You came from, unknown, undug From where you were staying in A backyard bed until We came together

Raspberry, in my hand You feel alright but I don't Know if I am I can't change What I am right now, but I'll be fine in the next life

I know I can say, I'm honest With myself and with My red tasty gem And sure they will try, but They can't take away My secret loving friend

And on a good day, my mind Is like the country...green wide open A breath of zen that's nice On the eyes, lonely, without a prayer

Take the trip that I have I am at risk But I guess you know...

Explosions From the goldfish bowl Visions Of blue girls crying stars The more the garden sings The harder it gets to stay in There are a lot of choices So many voices ruling me So many of them at once Yelling, "Everything's a mess"...I know


Songburst & Delirium

Wide awake in the candlelight
Stoned straight, crashing
Ocean wave patterns and sunset
In their prime
Shoulder demons tell me
How to lie when it matters
And you better hope
That you see it coming

Painted grey and blurry I am waiting for the sock to drop Yes I can fake it, hide, run away When there's nothing left to know...nothing

Lonely like a living room Hallway noises and interviews Squeeze the globe in between Your legs and hope God knows When to show his face when it matters And you better hope That you're feeling something

Pained by the worry I am stained by the learning Of what I can't feel, see, think, undo I'm going to Mexico where there's Nothing but the sun...nothing

The four walls entertaining Me are symbols of my contentment Of mental and legal poverty Nine out of ten can't be wrong I have never learned The secret of velocity As I expand I feel small I have nothing left That I can draw from I have nothing left...nothing


Sense of Henry

There they are
Alive, on the move, pretty young,
Still unproven though they love
Restless young zeroes in a haze
Of reckless blind faith taking their
Own sweet time to write and rhyme
Their ending

Are you happy when we're down Hey I was gonna ask you that Just now and yes I am, Yes, I can dig true meaning from Your believing and feel alright

They'll drift and flow And take their chances All white humming flesh and bone In souls they don't own How can they not know it ain't Good being old with nothing Left to show But they have each other

There might be a goodbye him to her When time becomes their leveller...and it will Ecstatic young searchers who've come To love just what they are And what they may become...or whatever The magic in chaotic scenes In the sun and the music in The whine and stink, the uneven Sounds of summer Fabulous bad memories, but there's Something alright about having these together

Too young lives of sleep, Of violence and love alive In astral days soon lost In the rush If there's a better way It's alright...they're okay

They're not afraid they'll fade away Another wasted unfortunate end Another violent sky overhead Another sundown burning red And it's going down hard...like them


Earth, Sky, & C.

Given good ground to walk around on
It would mean so much to me to see
Things for my still young self or else
I might not believe whatever people
Say in their own ways, colourful faces
And easy going shame almost telling me
Things I need to know
We're travelling, looking for the world
Thinking in different words

I'm not leaving you No way friend, you'd ever last Yo no voye Sweet earth boy You'll have to think and wait

Given wide skies to search and fly It would sure seem to me that it's so Full of everything, either seen or unseen Endless night displays, cosmic death rays That hold your feet in place while Your mind runs away What I didn't know is that no one's going This old bus sits while jungles laugh and sing Nobody filled me in

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