Track Listing

  1. The Mothers
  2. Levitate
  3. Rain Will Fall
  4. So Gently We Go
  5. Not Quite Sonic
  6. Production
  7. Lost My America
  8. No One
  9. Undone
  10. Basketball
  11. And the Experience
  12. The Universe In You


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The Mothers

Listen to the Mothers
A surreal sound of eight-legged groove
A serving of today's psychadellicasy
(And) when you embrace this sonic mural
We will be together, our spirits mad survivors


Feel Heavy
Once Felt it... Hard

Question an answer For a thousand days Give birth to the Earth Then let it drift away Open and flow Just swinging forever Making love to the ground Because it just feels better

It ain't easy Drink it in Think a while... Spit

There's both shining and darkness Yet they share a day Was there a man on a cross Or was it just a fake Even in shame You can't hide your growth Though the butterfly flies He's sinking like a stone

The killing sun It hurts my eyes And comes hard Onto my skin And as I find shade From tree to tree I live to learn To dig down deep I feel the pain And love the hurt I don't complain

Trancing in the grass Suck it off the world When you're full of it Shrug, feel fortunate Then go where levitation lives Where aggravation grows Where sleeping's too hard On the thinking bone Intensity is what I need To suffer for the pleasure Its heat, hard, life and death Living all together In a small room Full of me and my friends Trying to find the means To justify the end


Rain Will Fall

At the world go
Trying to understand
Electric wind blowin' like
A demon fan
Or a symphony of hatred
Blowin angst
Off an immaculate stage
How tranquil is an ocean
Before a storm
Like a silent play

Chanting thunder Dance naked and I feel So wired It's a personal voodoo Runnin' through my veins Like blood With inhibition long gone and no real sense of space or time A weird vibration Don't know my right From wrong

Rain will fall

Poetry in motion Both rolling Both getting me high A shiver went through me A tidal wave I only felt inside It's an animal instinct That takes us over And we must survive

Four brothers make the mother Four brothers form as one


So Gently We Go

Fill my head with
Your nonsense
You can breathe my breath
Till I turn red
Close your eyes
Try to follow me
If you close your eyes
You can become me
You can park your shoes
On my front step
Then gently walk barefoot
Through my sunken chest
I'll shade my eyes from
The burning sun
But feel confident
'Cause we're as bold
As love... and laughter

Wake me up when The day is late so I can watch the sunset and go back to bed And dream so real A fantastic stage Psychodramatic means to Uncertain ends I'll scare you blind with My confidence As cool as Jesus And his twelve best friends The reason we can Do these things is that The Earth has told Of an outrageous spring... Remembered

We'll meet for breakfast In the sun room The feeling in my soul As sweet as good perfume Leave your sex At the door... come in There's ecstasy for all No need to leave your name Pirouettes We will make in game On the ceiling Movies of our lives will play The reason we can Do these things is that Our minds are clouded And we can't see Straight

Maybe I've played My part But it's a players Art Me and my friends We were just living... playing I've heard the sound That silence makes And I realize the world Can break From the inside out Or outside in On a breath of wind


Not Quite Sonic

Not yet sonic
But I'd like to reach the point
Where I can say
Yes I am
But it always seems to be
About sensibilities
And not who's listening
No I'm not quite sonic
What's real in the art school
What's real in the white room
This yet to tell my conscience
Who to trust my thoughts with
Or who to love
You're oh so sonic

So and so fantastically boring You're a fashion whore Being real is one thing Being nothing is something But at this point There's something wrong Chemically expensive hair Money that we wear Will get us what? It kinda makes you think Only animals Are friends... surreal friends Truly sonic

The sights They're embryonic See what you want I'm not quite sonic The sounds They're quadraphonic Semi-moronic Not quite sonic



This man
May have a shitload
To prove
He's got to settle a score
Against the groove
Infinite orgasm
Like endless joy and pain
Thunder to my ears
Like a holy rain

An aural wall of waking Awash in purple paint And a digging Of the flowers in your yard Electric rays of healing Intensify the feeling of hatred Towards the things you say I ain't

Fear a man-child His soul and semen Pathetic thoughts he thinks Forever Heard you caused a landslide Walking home Soon slide the man-child Under your coat

Product of your generation Your masturbation A master plan A holy man Infanticide Decaying minds Mass corruption

The product And its production


Lost My America

A chair in the corner
One leg broken
And a whisper in the hall
There's frustration
Another walk around the room
A loss of direction
Before the start

Some say a lot With few words spoken Some with peace Say nothing at all It's just a matter Of motivation to live Just a question Of where to get love

Thrills and sand Fall through my open hand Where's my time gone Words look for the song

Lost my America But made my own way I believe To this garden But on my face The idea is showing Shelter me for no reason At all

Sunlight slanting Paranoid Feeling cold A little fucked up... alone Seems I'm spending These supposed best of years Quite unlike It says right here Cold A little fucked up... alone

Take the face In hands spread open And one to one Let the power run Feed the mouth That's hungry... open Feed the mind That wonders why


No One

Shades of gray
Hate influence
A constant truth
Put into effect
The question
On a dead friends face
The tragic
Stance he used to fake
Passed away for circumstance

A forced exit out of Innocence The right to choose Stays in her head Systematic ignorance A politicians Hand in your pants Searching For what he don't have

Creating new obscenities Harassed And broken down and in An eye towards Eternity A passing glance And half a chance At sanity Shows you Things... they get away

It's all we can do To ride it on through No one Leaves the caravan

Feel the signs The jazz... the band Affection For a certain time A haze of mid-life Drunkeness You're crucified for what You're art says If art is God... true art has left



Living alone, body shaking
Cars outside
They're singing their songs
The candles wave
And I get to thinking
How people see things
And deal with them
In different ways

Trying to move forward Like a walk underwater Two steps back Like a walk through silent streets I've heard the word Guess I'm tired of trying Everybody I'm saying the 'pop' is gone

Fighting the fight With the waterline Catching breath And a dirty breeze What's been used up Has been more than needed One river rolling Two rivers going dry

I'm down Undone Down, undone then gone Being, beyond Soft hands That touch the sun



I'm barefoot, bristling
On my rooftop, solid
So like this come of stars
Staring at me
Who's out there?
I can see the girl
Across the way
She can't see me
And I touch myself
With just a little bit of confusion
But I'm all alone
And that's all that matters

It's the chance I'm taking It's the danger I like

Within this Euphoric kind of feeling It's just a sex high There ain't no waterfalls There ain't no grassy grass here Just a casual nod And basketball I don't mind Cause I'm still alive

All thoughts and feelings Under my ceiling

This city Hangs a sensual tension This city Screams for more affection Hitting it from all directions Just a kid With the past of a grown man

Sold my sex In public places To junked out fags With yellow eyes Running For their Times Square lives Hit the river, swim in shit But never Tried to open my eyes In the dark I see dead young faces Fix me up And keep your Zen


And the Experience

Snowin' in July
My girls mouth on my toes
Complainin' old ghosts
In bedsheets of love
In my legs
A strange start to summer
But I gave it all up
In time to wonder

Just when I thought I knew what I wanted A dirty old man reminds me I'm young... "Experience The truth of all colours Think it out, Feel it up But do it right now"

How long 'till I'm real I long to be real How long 'till I'm real Left home to live And I did

Trippin' all alone

I've travelled miles Because of my head I've sang to myself To keep from going mad The land as my bed I slept beside the road The ground is my friend I become the road The longer I'm gone Changing on the go The better I'll know

Mother and Dad Can only give you so much So I gave it of myself In the real world, love Twenty first century Mind expansion I wrote my own poems 'Cause I lived 'em


The Universe In You

It's just a thing with you
A spacious place
Black with white
This night

Years of tears, emotion Held like so... inside Autumn Dogs Saturday Nervousness Blood Drugs Rage

And then it hit me Though I saw it coming Hard Sheer intensity The thinking in your thinking The feeling in your feeling Touched by a boy's Restless young erection You slam

Arms are open Eyes are wide What was out there Is now in you You drink it in Scratched the skin Bit the hand that hits You had your way

Wanting some of everything Living life Thinking it would shine Touched this stone And what'd you find? Humanity blind

A fiery red And glowing world Intoxicating... to a girl Straddling life In the atmosphere But it's just changing times And a few crazy people

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