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We Got The Love

Great, another broken surrender and so long 
Another slow arriving train has let me down 
Led me on 
The light comes slow, so one of us may rise and grow 
No undertow to think about
I know that some of us may find that road... A way alone

Say you like your lot, we love you when it rains Like a lot of voices loud they get you down They lie and they bore us They won.t let us go or let us in

And then it ends, same as always With lions in my bed, and riots in my head I surround it like a lover Break your heart and bless them souls... Cause we got the love that loves you more

Hey, the swollen sunrise is lovely, almost done A lake.s hold, the mountainside fire wine county life So like a home The light has shown, the one of us will come to know... They.re not alone

Hey, it.s not enough to wait for better days Not enough, the love and drugs are what I blame Defined and divorced it Your summer wind blows it...yet again

Go hard, go heavy and no less aloud I give you my breath and know I give you my every hope So don't let me down

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Last updated on 21st Jul 2020